Worship vs Cancer

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

My mum is a serious prayer warrior. She would constantly walk through the house praying. Sometimes, in the night, she would come into our rooms and pray for my siblings and I. 

Sadly, this year, my mum was diagnosed with cancer, which left her unable to go to church and unable to do her usual prayer routine. Around this time, I was introduced and taught of one of the Ten Pillars of Celestial Church of Christ – the seven hourly worships. I began to practise the worship in my house – on a regular basis. A couple of months later, my mum was completing her last round of chemotherapy and she specifically asked for me to come with her this time.

I spent the whole day with my mum, finishing up her chemotherapy.  There were lots of delays but ultimately, she was able to finish on that day. We were talking casually, and she started to thank my siblings and I for helping her through this tough time (which she normally did at random times). But, as she spoke this time, she started to thank me for doing my hourly worship. My mum explained that when I started to worship, she would listen to me and be happy. She explained that it was like I took over for her, as ever since the treatment had started, she was unable to do her usual prayer session. I didn’t understand the power that was there. She proclaimed that It gave her strength, it was like everything that was in the house was being renewed and the enemies where being chased out. She explained that every time I worshipped, it was like I was bringing an altar into the house every day and God would just be sitting in the house.    

Hearing this filled me with joy as all of my sibling didn’t see the point in me doing such things and sometimes tried to make it difficult, but now, whenever I’m worshiping, even if it’s her that called me, the moment she knows that I’m worshiping, she makes sure no one disturbs me.

I thank God for giving me the privilege to learn about worship and the ability to practise it. I thank God for His mercy.


Sis Anna Abimbola, UK