Wearing Dresses

I have a testimony as touching dresses. Last year I was told that I cannot wear trousers again, and I should wear skirts and dresses. This was around, I think, November quite late in the year when it was already very cold in the UK. Anybody that knows me well will know that I very much hate, hate, hate, anything to do with skirts and dresses. I went to a school that allowed girls to wear trousers and that it is what I wore throughout secondary school.

Anyway, I was told on a Saturday and I was wearing trousers that day. I said, “it can’t be so.” Not that I dismissed it, but I put it to one side saying that, “well God sees my wardrobe.” I have one skirt that I never wear and one purple dress that I wear with jeans (just so that I could feel comfortable).

The next day was Sunday and Baba did class after service on Skype, and he spoke about how people look at us as examples. He then mentioned that someone asked him if women were allowed to wear trousers. He asked that person why and they said that because they see many GTG Sisters wearing them. He now said in the class that before the Greater Sisters wore skirts and dresses but, now they wear trousers and when people look at them, what example are they giving to other people. I thought to myself, “wow, it had to be the day after I was told not to wear trousers that the Bible class will have something to do with it.” So, I said ok fine I will try tomorrow to wear that purple dress with tights.

Those times I was working at a primary school and when I walked into the primary school on the Monday, everybody was just complimenting how beautiful I looked. My children kept on telling me, “miss you look so nice you, you look so cute, you look so lovely”. That was Monday.

On Tuesday, I wore trousers and when I got to work, my trousers ripped. I said, “oh, great. No problem.” I just thought that it was a problem with my trousers, so I threw them away – they were quite old to be honest. During the day, I walked like a penguin so that people would not notice the big rip. The next day (Wednesday), I wore another pair of trousers, they were in fact jeans, and when I got to work again, they ripped. “I was like ah, ah kilode.”

I then spoke on the phone to one brother, and I was telling him what happened, and I explained that I don’t even have any skirts/dresses that what is the rush, “I will just buy some when I have money.” He said that when God says something, you do it immediately and that I should tell God that I haven’t got dresses/skirts, that He should provide me with some. In my head I was like, “yeah yeah yeah.”

You won’t believe how silly I was in wearing a brand-new pair of jeans on the Thursday. It actually was fine until I was about to leave work. I was putting on my shoes and then I heard one terrible ripping sound and I said, “O My DAYS!!!!” My new jeans had ripped and they were fine jeans. That evening, I took a cab home. I was not pleased at all.

I told my husband about what was happening, and he laughed, that he told me long time ago that he told them upstairs his wife will not be wearing trousers and look at what is happening. In my head I was like 😑 I don’t understand why I cannot wear trousers and live my life in peace, no problem.


Sis Dami Bolaji, UK