Spiritual Medication

At the start of the year, I was given to write everything down – my feelings, events that would happen, and my worries. Everything. I was to keep a report of my days. This was so that I could pray about them during hourly worship. I did so. A sister then told me that Baba once taught her to write down her prayer requests for Watchnight Service, and pray about them before 12am. I followed and part of my request was to:

  1. Get rid of my low iron levels.
  2. Stop using the required medication for the low iron.
  3. Not sleep so much during the day.

The first few days after Watchnight Service, I felt extremely tried, so I went to sleep during the day, but I still didn’t let the medication touch my mouth. After some time, I realised that I was waking up on time and not sleeping during the day. Even when it came to my time of the month (I lose a lot of blood, so I get weak at times), I was fine.

Since I prayed that prayer, I’ve been fine.


Sis Ibukunoluwa Shabi, UK