Omo inu mi o ni ku

I am owing some testimonies during my pregnancy period and after delivery.

When I was pregnant in 2020, and we were asked to contribute to the Holy Mary event, I was asked to pay N15k, which I did.

After paying, I was sleeping, and someone told me the baby in your womb will die. I woke up immediately and said “mo ti san owo Holy Mary, iya mimo, omo inu mi o ni ku”.

Immediately, I slept off again, and I was told your baby will not die, we have even given you another one.

After I delivered, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, so I was advised not to breastfeed my baby, it was so depressing. After some days, I said, “God, you have not made my breastmilk a poison for my baby, and even me, I don’t want this illness”. They asked me to see a specialist, after which, they took the blood sample again and told me when the results came out that the viral load is insignificant and inactive.

During my pregnancy period, the client I was caring for will ask me not to come to work for days, and I would be paid. Unfortunately, she fell sick, so I had to take care of her. Unknown to both of us, she had Covid, and I was exposed to her during the very active period, but to the glory of God, I was the only one that escaped the illness after she was diagnosed. When she came back from the hospital, she asked my agency to pay me for the period she was in the hospital. That was how I was paid for work not done.


Sis Omolara Dosa

CCC St Michael Parish, Chicago, USA