No Longer Single


It all began with Holy Mary in 2021.

I am part of the Finance department, and the HOD asked for someone to represent the committee in the Holy Mary programme for that year; none of us willingly volunteered, then she said someone outside the department will represent the committee. I said within me that nobody will replace me in my place, then I asked Holy Mary, ‘if I should volunteer to be part of her committee and perform my responsibility well, then I want her to give me something in return’. I asked her to give me my husband in that same year, I heard, ‘no problem’, and we struck a deal.

I asked how much I will be paying for the event, and when I was told, it was quite much for me, but because of the deal we had and because I was very much expectant, I paid the money. I made sure to do my part in the committee, and after the event, I asked for the answer to my request.

Holy Mary came and left, Makoko Harvest came and left, Papa’s remembrance came and we were to travel to Imeko (GTG) to celebrate his remembrance. Some weeks to the journey to Imeko, I met a man (my husband), he was a member of my class (Unilag DLI). He needed some clarification because he was a direct entry student, and I happened to be the class rep of that department.

After the clarification and assistance that he needed was given, he volunteered to drop me home from the campus that we held the meeting because he delayed me due to traffic.  While on our way, he noticed he had been to that environment a very long time ago, I told him my church (National HQ) is very close by, and he agreed to branch there and take a look.

When we got to the church, I asked him if he knew/believed that Jesus Christ had walked on this land before, he said he did believe and he would love someone to pray for him before leaving so that he can receive the grace of that land (Makoko).

I went to look for someone who could pray for him, but I didn’t see anyone because it was on a Saturday evening, but when I was about to turn back to return to him, I was told to look at the car park, and I saw someone in the car. I moved closer to the car to asked the person to pray for a friend of mine, the person in the car happened to be Alagba Obaro.

I told him to please help me pray for a friend of mine, and he followed me to the front of the Church and prayed for him. After the prayer, we were both heading to where he parked his car, and then we both entered the car (so I could show him the way out), he then said he had something to tell me, before we go.

He said his spirit told him that I am his wife, though he resisted the first time when he was told, and now he couldn’t resist the voice speaking to him.

I said within myself that, men have come again ooo, I am just seeing and knowing you today and you are telling me I am your wife.

He said he is not telling me to agree to what he has said, but he has spoken as the voice inside him has instructed, he also said if it be God of a truth, and it’s not his own words then, “it will surely stand like Mount Zion that can never be removed”.

I just told him I would pray about it, so we could just leave and go.

Whilst leading him out and after reaching a place that he could further his journey to his home by himself, I left his car and headed home back. When I got home I realised I already misplaced my phone, I used my mum’s phone to call my number, and he picked and it happened to be that I forgot it in his car. He said he will come for worship the next day (Sunday) and he will help me bring it.

The whole journey started from there, when I prayed about it, I didn’t hear anything, I continued praying, I heard he wasn’t mine as usual as other guys that do come across me.

I told him what I heard, he said ok, that if what he heard was God’s, then of a truth, His word will stand and come to pass. He was so sure of himself, and his testimonies.

It was then time to go for Papa’s remembrance event at Imeko.

I went to the Sepulchre and told Papa about him, that he should show me who my husband is, that I was tired of people coming to meet me and me not having confirmation about any That if I come and go the same way and up until Christmas convocation, I don’t have my husband, then I won’t bother coming for December. I told him if I will be coming to the Christmas convocation in December, I want to come with a head (my husband).

I said the same thing to Jesus Christ in the Holy Land.

After some days at Imeko, I was burdened and bothered that I was yet to receive or see anything. Before the three members prayer, I saw that the altar was full of some people, I was still worried in the service, then it was time for three members prayer, I was told to say the second member prayer, that if they hear my voice in the service, they will give an answer to my request. I almost refused because my head was blank, and I was burdened in the service. After the first person had prayed, I waited to see if anyone would take the prayer, I quickly opened my mouth to pray, even without knowing or having anything in mind to pray about because I was bothered, but I heeded to the voice that I heard.

During the silent prayer as I was praying, I was shown my husband (his image, his height, and how he looked in a particular regalia). After then, I was a bit relieved, though yet to be convinced that it was God. We finished the service and we all went back to where we were gathered. I was thinking about what I saw, then I decided to come back into the church towards the evening time to relate with God. I threw back what I saw and what I heard in the service, I decided to sleep (laying myself before him) so I could see if I would hear from him again.

Whilst lying down and yet to go into sleep, I saw an image from the altar, come to me and say he is my husband and it is what He has purposed, I was given our children’s names also. After giving me the message, the image went back into the altar. I immediately recorded what I heard, so I wouldn’t forget.

I was happy that I haven’t come and celebrated Papa in vain and my request was granted.

Baba told us God doesn’t speak without giving himself a witness, then to be certain and sure that this was God, I said if all that I have heard and saw was from you Lord, give yourself a witness before I leave from this land (Imeko).

I have a friend that prays with me concerning my husband issue, I had told him about the man (my husband) that came to me and said he should also join me in prayer.

He happened to call the next day (Monday) to tell me he had a dream, he said he saw a marriage certificate, it was a Church marriage certificate, but he didn’t see the names in the certificate.

After getting home, I wanted to be very, very sure of what had happened. I decided to ask my mum to help me pray on some two names, the two names happened to be the same, but had a different surname. The two of them have approached me saying the same thing, but one out of the two had been confirmed to me.

My mum came to me some weeks after. She told me the same name/person. She also asked her friend to pray alongside her, so her daughter would not mismarry. Her friend had a dream, and was shown my husband, she was given the name and the look of my husband. When she later saw my husband physically, she said, “this is the exact look she was shown”.

I also did other litmus tests, just to have enough testimonies and weapons to fight within my marriage and they all pointed to what God had told and revealed to me.

I came to Imeko Christmas Convocation 2021, not being single, but with a head (my request was granted).



Sis Deborah Yusuf

CCC National Headquarters Makoko, Nigeria