My awkward miracle



1 – At the beginning of the year, I told God I must pay first fruit this year. I wasn’t happy with fact that I hadn’t paid first fruit in a while. Baba said February is the month of ‘awkward miracles’.

On Sunday night, a company reached out to me on LinkedIn, and told me they needed me for the role of a Customer Service Officer. By Wednesday, I resumed work without an interview or test, nothing.

I paid my first fruit in March, in fact, the company gave me a quarterly bonus which I wasn’t entitled to being a fresher. I used the bonus to transport myself to work the following month, and I paid first fruit with ease.


2 – Last Month, I told God I needed money for a vacuum sealing machine for my fish exporting business. One of our customers wanted to export catfish. I told her the fish must be vacuum-sealed. She asked what that means, I explained it to her, then she asked if I had the machine, and I said no. I told her I didn’t have the financial strength at the moment, but I intended to get it later on.

She then asked for the cost of the machine and said she would borrow me the money, and boom! She sent the money within 3 days. I don’t know what she looks like, we only spoke a few times.




Sis Oluwatobiloba Olude

CCC Orelope Central Parish, Nigeria