Maria Iya Mimo, ire ni igbekele mi

I was pregnant during the COVID period.

My husband wasn’t happy about it, but I was. I was grateful I had another chance as I had a stillbirth two years before.

I had a dream that I went to Bro Palmer’s house, I complained that I was feverish, and he said COVID is out there. I replied that, “COVID outside is what is catching them, COVID cannot catch us the insiders”. Then he went to worship and someone stood beside him (who I didn’t see) and said, “Holy Mary will be with you all the way, you must know her.” I was happy and left, then I woke up

So every time I encountered problems, I would remind our holy mother of her promise. Every night, a series of seriously bad dreams would come, but I was unshaken. Then I started using that line to pray, so anytime I had issues in my dreams, a little girl would come to help.

I received the day I was to give birth; that day was a Friday. We were in Babami’s house for the Pregnant Women Service; when it was time to be laid, I began to feel labour pains. Bro Ayo called Babami to detach the cross, I waited for the evening devotional service, but I had to leave before the end of the service.

When I got home, we tried calling for an Uber, but none came, eventually, a neighbour helped us down to the hospital. We got to the hospital, and I stopped contracting.

For about 3 hours, I felt nothing. bro Ayo would call every few minutes. He told me to ask the child to come, that the door is open. Whenever I said that the pains would come and after a while, they would go.

I reminded our holy mother of her promise, and I also did the sachet water Babami instructed before leaving home. Later on, I was induced to labour, I began to bleed heavily such that my cloth was cut off me as we couldn’t pull it over my head. The nurses on duty began to pray and speak in tongues😁

I just kept singing, “Maria Iya Mimo, ire ni igbekele mi”, and baby Esther came.



Sis Basuyi Oluwakemi

CCC Orelope Central Parish, Lagos, Nigeria