Law School Requirements

The Law School I was to go to was confirmed to me. However, I needed 3 things to enrol. The 3 things were: a 2:1 grade from my undergraduate degree, to pass the BCAT test, and a confirmation of my membership at my Inns of Court. At first, I only had 1 out of the 3, as I needed to do the test and I was still awaiting the results for my degree.

Bro. Afolabi Josiah and I were working together on achieving a better grade, because I had to retake a few assignments. Once they had all been submitted, I realised that I made a mistake with one of the assignments by leaving my name, going over the word count, and also submitting it 1 minute late (due to me not doing things on time). At first, I did not want to tell Bro. Afolabi but, I remembered a line he once told me about informing my parents about things if I wanted God to work for me, and that truth always prevails. So, although Bro. Afolabi is not my dad, I knew it was still on the same line, so I told him.

During the Watchnight Service in September, Baba gave us an instruction to write what we wanted on a piece of paper and put 3 crosses around that thing, followed by an arch that had peace inside it. I followed the instruction and wrote one about my degree, asking for a 2:1 overall. A week or so after, Bro. Afolabi had a dream that I got a 2:2 and saw that he was telling me the things I did wrong. When we spoke about the dream, he said to me, ‘when God shows you something, it means there is still hope.’ So, I was just holding onto that line and went back to report an update on everything that was going on to God. My grades then came out and I achieved a high 2:2. Now, all I needed to do was the BCAT test.

I followed the same instruction that was given on Watchnight Service for the test that. I wanted to do the BCAT test once and pass. So, I began to prepare for the test with the help of Sis. Sarah Josiah. The school admin called me about the requirements and asked if anyone has contacted me about bringing them in, I told her no and that, I was still waiting for my results, because at the time I did not know my grade. So, she said that I should just bring my passport and biometric card for identity checks. Two weeks went by and I still had not done the test because the workload from Law School was a lot, so I did not have the time for it. When we had consolidation week, I started revising for the test even more and planned to do it the following Wednesday. The school admin called me again and asked for the requirements. I told them that I would bring them in next week Wednesday, but she said there was no need, that I could just email it. She asked if I could do that, and I said there was a possibility that I could do that. I then changed my plan to do it on the Friday instead.

When I told Bro. Afolabi, he did not say anything at first, until I called him on another matter. Because they were on the same line, he touched on the matter of the test and told me that, there was no possibility, but I said that there was, that God could leave me on my own for that. After speaking to him, I went to report what I had done to God and then spoke to Baba. Baba asked, why I lied. I said, I did not actually think I was lying. He said, ‘you are a lawyer… hmm.’ He told me that, I should not be using God for small things like school, that I should use him for assignment of my life, that I should be asking for His hand on assignments of my life. Baba told me to do as I am doing and to not call the school that I did not have all the requirements, so I followed.

The Wednesday after came and I took the test and passed. I sent everything to the school, and the following day, they emailed me about not meeting the requirements and gave me instructions on what to do for them to decide if I should stay on the course or not. I called Bro. Afolabi and told him everything and he said, ‘you know what to do.’ I went to my tutor and teachers and asked for a reference letter, as that was one of the requirements. They were confused because, they had never needed to do that before. When I got home on that day, I reported everything to God and continued with what I needed to do. I wrote a letter, checked if all was in order with Bro. Afolabi and sent it as required. The week after, they emailed me and said that I could continue on the course and changed my offer to a unconditional offer. Alleluia.


Sis Deborah T Uthman, UK