Ibeji (Twins) Labour Testimony

ALERT Followed By Instruction:

While I was pregnant, I knew that people were trying to kill my babies. I would see them constantly. My husband was also given words. My mum told me that the head of woli’s (prophet’s) in my home Parish saw me and my belly was black. He said I needed to have a bath. When I went there, I had asked him what he said and what I needed to bath with, but he did not even remember, so I left it. When it now came up to my 36 weeks. I was in New Moon Service (in my Parish), and a woli (prophet) told me that she saw a lady tapping my belly, that I needed to do protection, have an elder pray for me and have a bath.

The Protection:

The first night I did the bath and the prayer in the wrong order, so me and my husband decided we will start again. The next day, I did the bath and prayer in the order I was given. The next day my waters broke in Church.

The Labour:

My husband had gone to our house quickly – which was not far away – to get some things and the car. I was able to get through to him as soon as he got home as the phone I had was not working. He got the things and came back immediately. I asked Baba if I was allowed to leave, and he said that if truly my waters broke/I was in labour, then I am free. The water was not too much. But, as soon as I left the church and got into the car, wooooow everything just came out.

I had no pain whatsoever. When we got to the hospital, the lady said I was 3cm dialated. She said that I will not give birth until the next day. Ehnn. Iwo ati tani? Pain started to come and we spoke to Baba again. He said that I should say I am ready and that we should cut the crosses off my belly. As soon as the crosses had been cut, woooow its as though the pain multiplied straight away. It was so sudden. There was no break in my contractions, so my husband told the lady to check me again. She said no because it is impossible for me to have changed from 3cm so quickly. She started saying my husband was wicked because we did not agree to epidural or any of those things. She checked hesitantly, and saw that suddenly I was 10cm. She was so shocked and they took me straight to the delivery room.

I did not know what to do at all. They told me to push and instead of pushing, I was shouting. So, they said I should push and keep quiet. When I did so, Twin No.1 came. When she came out, I felt no pain at all. They said I was having contractions so I needed to push but I said I could not because I felt so good.

I kept needing water although, you are not allowed. But. Thankfully, some lady kept giving me. The labour was so fun; my husband was making jokes, everything was sweet. They then started saying that I really needed to push the Twin No.2 as it was stressed and if he did not come on time, they would need to do a caesarean section. The doctor I had started begging me that she did not want to do CS since Twin No.1 was natural. It was so abnormal, because usually they would just cut you straight. They then said I did not want to have Twin No.1 come on the 31st March and Twin No.2 on the 1st of April, so I spoke to my baby and Twin No.2 came. They even tried to put something on his head to assist, but as soon as they saw he was coming, they stopped.

When Twin No.2 came out, they said they heard issues in his breathing. Many people came to visit. When we told Baba the situation, he said for a day we should not allow anybody touch the babies. People came and we followed what we were given. The next day, they came back and said everything was fine.

Being Kept Away:

The twins were born the night before Easter, so we were to come back in for Ascension. But, when it came to my 40 days, I was still bleeding. I spoke to Baba and he gave me Leviticus 12. He calculated the time a woman had to be away for a boy, and a girl and said the likelihood is what we had read in Leviticus 12. One day, I thought I had finished bleeding, I spoke into my food and said that, ‘if truly they want me in church, then I should not bleed again.’ As soon as I had finished eating, it was as if I had started bleeding all over again. I said no problem, there is a reason for this. I knew/saw a war was still going on. I bled for exactly 3 months (the same total calculation Baba gave in accordance to Leviticus 12). On the last day, Twin No.2 came to me in my dream, he was in spirit and told me I will be going back into church. The bleeding ended. The war was over. I came in with my twins and rejoiced.


It is good to follow the instructions given so that we rejoice in the end.

God is the one who gives life to the womb that He chooses, for an inheritance in Him.

Those looking for children, I pray that in accordance to His will, God grants unto you His inheritance. IJN Amen


Sis Sarah Josiah, UK