I Followed and Got What I Needed

I really needed a laptop. The Identity Programme of CCC Edward Street Youth was coming up and so I put it before them upstairs and heard that I should pay £100 towards the event. As I paid, I prayed and said, “as I have paid according to what I heard for Identity 2020, I pray that you give me a laptop. I need a laptop.” When I heard the fee they gave me, they allowed me to realise I had some money coming in, that I should take £100 and keep it for when we needed to pay for the programme. I still had to pay my tithe but, realised that I should not negotiate this one. I made two prayer points: one was that I needed a MacBook that I can call my own, the second was that I needed the broken one to be repaired. I kept asking God and checking on the case. The Identity Programme had been the 17th to the 19th of September.

In October, out of nowhere, my mum came home with a Mac machine. It was a 2013 version, so, I told her to, “da pada,” as there was a 2017 version for just £100 more. So, we went online and she even allowed me to go for the 2020 version which was even more expensive. I had ordered it, however, something was telling me to call one of the boys in my class. So, I called him and he told me to check UNiDAYS, that they will give me a discounted Mac alongside free AirPods. I checked and the one I had ordered from Curry’s PC World was around £200 cheaper here and it came with AirPods. Mind you, two macs were now coming to my home. Despite this, I was not even content, I wanted bigger and better, one that could definitely last for the next 6/7 years. My mum agreed to the one with the higher price, which had a better specification and was even a better deal in comparison to what she was paying for before. Win, Win. Alleluia.


Bro Ebenezer Odubjano, UK