From Strain To Strength

I would like to share a testimony on what God has done for my family and I.

Since the beginning of the Easter period, my relationship with God has changed. Now I approach God because I want to know Him more, so that my life can be a true show of His power.

During this lockdown period, my husband (being a contractor), was unable to work, causing a strain on the house. I communicated with God daily in prayer and He consistently responded. I prayed saying, “God, you alone know why the world is like this now but, even if everyone around my husband is affected by this situation; cause him not to lack in this period.” Within a week, we received two confirmations of grants being rewarded to him that will now last longer than the lockdown period. Places that we did not put our minds to, have been chasing us and money is flowing. In essence, we are in a situation where others were affected, nothing has changed for him, which was my prayer to God.

A word of encouragement: whatever God instructs you to do that produces testimony, ensure you hold on to it.

May God bless you all.


Sis Hannah Okuyemi, UK

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