From Probation To Promotion

I have been working at my company for 7 months or so, by month 4 or 5, they extended my probation for one reason or another (a complaint from a manager). I almost fought them, but left it and maintained my peace.

I prayed concerning the situation along these lines, “make my probation a season for my relevancy. Pull some down and lift me up.”

I remembered the teaching and I had a series of 5 dreams. An angel spoke to me concerning my role at work and the area my boss had missed out, he also told me how to fulfil that place.

So, I followed the idea and began to optimise the business strategy.

Since then:

  1. I signed 2 major contracts in total worth around £150,000.
  2. This week, my business strategy was confirmed, and they are paying for its implementation.
  3. They have upgraded me to a corporate account on LinkedIn so I can manage business advert spending.
  4. My job specification has changed.
  5. The title I used for my business strategy is now the official tagline of the company.

Asese Bere/This is just the beginning. By the way, I am still on probation 😜🤪😝


Bro Afolabi Josiah, UK