All Prayers Answered

My testimony on Holy Mary:

It began during Coronavirus (May 2020) here in Mexico. There was no work from April that year and Holy Mary Day was approaching. I prayed and I kept on reminding her of what I needed, which I wrote on a paper, and put in my altar:

  1. Permanent residence
  2. Work
  3. My family to join me


I contributed her money, and I did the thanksgiving too with the money within my reach that period. We were not called back to work because of the corona period. But on the exact Sunday of the thanksgiving that year, during my sleep at night, she appeared to me, bringing different gifts that I couldn’t number, and to my surprise, it was raining, and the rain did not get into the gifts. Water was everywhere and didn’t touch the gift because the place was an open place.

Maria was in front of me, looking at me. But something drew my attention to where Baba was, he was inside a bank writing the names of GTG members that owed him. Bro Philip Adesanya was calling names for Baba, and I heard my name – that I owe N50,000. But when the money I was expecting, which was more than the amount owed arrived, it was exactly N50,000 and I sent it to Baba, and he prayed. After hearing my name from Brother Philip in front of Baba about my debt, I returned back to where the gifts and Holy Mary were. She was still standing where she was and I was in front of the gifts looking intently.

Immediately, I woke up and I thanked her in my prayer. Someone paid my rent and sent money to buy my food for almost a year during the corona time. A friend from Salvation Army brought food too, that I even gave my neighbour (an old woman). I got my permanent residence on the 10th September 2020, and started working last year January. I then started the process of bringing my family to join me and they finally arrived here in October 2021.

This is still unfolding because, after her feast this year, we will be relocating to a better place which will be our next testimony. My family already got their permanent residence here, and my children are already in school.

What she has for my family is still unfolding.


Bro John Joaquin, Brazil