A Word For The Woman

Halleluyah all,

After the lecture, during the vigil, you know that there’s a declaration for “Silent Prayer”? In my silent prayer, I stated: “if the first testimony of God in creation is the woman, and I am one, I shouldn’t lack testimony because I heard that if a woman lacks testimony her essence is lost. LORD if these sayings be true, teach me; I want to always have a testimony.” Immediately I heard go back to your old notes.

On Wednesday by 12 noon, during worship, I presented the vigil notes again, and I heard, “you have not done what I told you….” After the class yesterday, 10 minutes prior to 12 midnight worship, I was reminded again, so I quickly rushed to do it. This has helped me in my composition for Holy Mary, and I have been walking in it.

I found some lines pointing to what we were told during the vigil:

  1. In the woman is the multiplying effect, the pushing effect. God made a woman so as to compete with the principalities and powers.
  2. Your duty as a woman is to pray.
  3. Your purpose is to help.
  4. Your essence is to beautify.
  5. When you work out your purpose and essence while doing your duty, there is no room for a strange spirit to work in your house. When you stand as a woman, no witch or wizard can control your house.
  6. The full use of wisdom is given to the woman whose habitat is always in His presence.
  7. In your mentality, know that you are made in His presence, for His presence, and by His presence.


The working mentality is that everything that doesn’t have a part in my place cannot reign or rule in my place.


Sis Modupe R Otulana

International HQ, CCC Ketu, Nigeria