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A complete show of breaking is discontentment. What is in the breaking? Are you ready to be broken? Would you rather suppress the truth in unrighteousness or become one to be disciplined in righteousness? Watch and learn more on the process of breaking to become disciplined
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When we talk about new , something that is new comes from a diverse concept. When we talk about the 'beginning', it's the moment God decided out of eternity to make Himself available to create something to be part with Him. Check out this video for further understanding.
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Show God in yourself and let His works be seen in you! Are you walking in accordance to the will of your God? These things that will aid you in your walk with God: 1) Lowliness 2) Meekness 3) Longsuffering 4) Forbearing one another in love 5) Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Evaluate yourself thoroughly and correct yourself where you have erred! Watch this!
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If God can not possess you, you can not possess God. The gods of your family are cursed gods. There must be a ridding of the generational gods that are out to show you cursed. Watch and learn more.
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Join us while examining the character of NOAH! for our learning.
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Join us while we examine the character of seth for our learning. The Bible Character Clinic - seth
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Join us while we examine the character of Abimelech for our learning. The Bible Character Clinic - Abimelech
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Surgical Instrument: Exodus 1 -3 Clinician: Bro Paul Fasinu , Sis Modupe Onaghinon
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Do you know that no one can praise God unless such a person has an encounter with God?

Praise is gotten from the works, ways, and doings of God, because it's gotten from an encounter with God. There are 3 types of praise; - Personal Praise or Direct Praise - General Praise or Comprehensive Praise - Third-party Praise or High Praise
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Resurrection came for restoration.

A lot of people go after confusion in the name of Jesus, but the person that places Jesus before him, there is no power in heaven or on earth that can make that person fail or whatever that person does to come to shame.

Make your choice. Stand in His peace.
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What instructions did God give your Fathers? Are you following those instructions? Have you turned aside from His way to walk according to your own will? Repent and return to God today, lest his wrath be upon you.
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It is the start of a new month, be sure God will directly push challenges at you. It is paramount that we walk in the name of the Lord our God forever so as to ensure we are partakers of His inheritance. How will you stand this month? Who will you be this month? Watch to learn more.
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In this sermon, Bro Ademola explains the vision shown to Habakkuk and the tables associated with it. Habakkuk 2 vs 2!
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