What is Harvest By Bro Samuel Ademola

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What is Harvest

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By Bro. Samuel Ademola Bolaji

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Harvest began from the word of God unto the man that has a seed. If you can use the word of God, you have the seed.

Harvest is a period where the result of your expectation, the result of your anticipation, the result of your labor and result of your waiting comes; you comes to harvest.

It is about God making man to come inline with God so that man is joined with Him in a bid to show in full the power of God. If we say we come to harvest and there is no show, we deceived ourselves.

Harvest is about obedience, bringing to the table, the alter what God has commanded. God is a God that will command whatever you want to give him. He does not need what you want, what you worked for, He needed what He gave you. The first thing about God is about what He gave you not what you desired to give Him.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]