How Do We Partake in Harvest By Bro Samuel Ademola Bolaji

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How Do We Partake in Harvest

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By Bro. Samuel Ademola Bolaji

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Every Celestial Church of Christ parishes are established under the affluence of the power of God. Back in those days: there were great manifestation and displays of the power of God unlike present days.

In the past, When the alters of a Celestial Church of Christ parish is raised and enacted, every environmental forces were troubled.

In a year, at the show of the power of God; how many souls were won into the Celestial church

After a year, by the reason of the show of the power of God: These marks two essential things:

  1. How many converted souls.
  2.  How many people now became part of the church.

In the spirit, they marks the converts while in the natural we marks the members.

Papa said

“the candle you used for your service should be put in the MATTAH” (the box upon which the candle holder stand).

Every candles for the service of celestial church should be put in there. That it is where the files of the converts in the church; The members that are coming into the church that where their files are. So, when you come, they jingled the bell, you are in the service and you do everything, you are there, your files are there for the members.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]