Why You Pay First fruits And Tithes

The firstfruits of anything is the first growth or production of it at a particular time. A tithe is the one-tenth of a particular thing paid as a voluntary contribution, especially in religious establishments.

The offering of firstfruits and tithe is important for members of Celestial Church, being the church of the firstborns. 

Although tithing is a common practice in the Celestial fold and Christendom, many are unfamiliar with the payment of firstfruits. The mystery behind it was first given to the man of God: Samuel Ademola Bolaji of Celestial Church.

Why do we pay firstfruits? And why did God initiate the firstfruits?

The firstfruits of God for mankind was Adam. 
Adam as a man was the firstfruits of God amongst men but the devil tampered with the firstfruits of God through the fall of Adam, through which all men died.

Since the firstfruits was lost, it became corrupt, as such, everything that came through it took the nature of the firstfruits. So in that business, God was at a loss.

In a bid to reconcile man back to Himself and restore life into Him, God adopted the Israelites as His firstborn.

As such, when the Israelites would leave Egypt (after God had destroyed the firstborns of Egypt; both of man and beast), God told Moses to sanctify all the firstborns of Israel both man and beast, for it is the Lord’s. (Exodus 13:1-2). Thus, the firstfruits of the redeemed firstborns of God, belong to God.

The Israelites were told by God to offer the first of the firstfruits of their crops (Exodus 23:19). More so the offering of the firstfruits was done in the land of promise, that God may drive out the host nation and enlarge the borders of Israel. (Exodus 34:22-24). 

Romans 11:16

“For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root is holy, so are the branches.”

When the firstfruits are lost, the lump is lost. When the firstfruits are missing, the totality of everything is lost. The firstfruits of God was created, not born. However, the lump came through the birth from the firstfruits. 

The Celestial Church of Christ was founded by the power in the blood of Jesus. The same blood saved the sons of God from the powers of darkness (Hymn 487 stanza 3, Colossians 1:12-14). The sons that are saved in the fold belong to the church of firstborns whose names are written in heaven {Hebrews 12:22-23, Hymn 280 Stanza 3, Hymn 153). Hence we must offer our first fruits to God as redeemed sons and firstborns of God, for it belongs to Him, and so that our portion may be sanctified throughout the year.

In CCC, the first of the firstfruits is the first earning one gets from a business and it is also the first monthly earning in a year of a particular business/job.

The first man to offer tithe was Abraham. This he did incidentally when Melchizedek, the priest of God, met him (Genesis 14:18-20). 

Also, God appeared to Jacob in his dream at Bethel saying that He was with him, will keep him in his way and will bring him back to that land. Jacob in turn said if God would do as He had promised, then the Lord would be his God and he would pay the tithe of all God would give him in the journey. (Genesis 28:13-22). 

As God was with Abraham and gave him victory over his enemies, and was also with Jacob in his journey; for everyone who God will be with, go with, provide for and grant his (or her) request, the tenth of all that God has provided for that person belongs to God. 

Even people with questionable wealth in the world understand this principle and therefore take their tithe to pastors. 

God is not interested in the money brought as firstfruit or tithe before Him. God does not spend money, but He wants you to honour Him by doing what He asks you to do and by this you have the blessings (Proverbs 3:9-10, Malachi 3:10-12). 

While tithing gives the blessings of heaven and earth to those who pay it, the firstfruits sanctify your lot throughout the year.

To be a partaker of the benefits attached to fulfilling the payment of aforementioned offerings, we must be timely in giving it to Lord with an open and expectant mind.

As we do this, may the Lord fulfil and make manifest His promises for our lives in Jesus’ name.


Bro Damilare Eshinlokun