The Seed Of The Woman: A Mystery Of Man’s Restoration

The first man Adam was given to have dominion and to rule over the earth and all that was in the earth. A honour envied by the devil who beguiled Adam’s wife to dethrone him.

A well plotted plan was made and executed which succeeded in making the first man a living dead and a cast out but in God’s infinite mercy and wisdom this judgement was to be upturned by the Mastermind of mysteries Himself.

In the series of events that followed, the Seed of the woman, as God called it, would bruise the head of the serpent. A wonder to the devil, a confusion to his kingdom. How will the dead bring forth seed?

In order to make sure he continually had man under his control, the Devil stopped at nothing. He even killed the male children of the Hebrews in Egypt and repeated same at the birth of Jesus Christ but the seed of the woman cannot be truncated.

God brought forth the seed of the woman, a virgin of a humble heart even his sign as he has announced by the mouth of Isaiah one of his prophets.

God brought forth Mary, the hope of life from death, a path for the way, a medium through which the impossible became possible, to whom it was according to God’s word. She brought order in the journey of the Word of God and indeed is blessed among all women.

This is the woman we celebrate today in whom the spiritual seed of God was first implanted. She is the only ground who received, transformed and nurtured the seed of God, bringing forth the first fruit of God, even our Lord and Saviour.

By this woman the second man (spiritual) came and being manifested in the flesh destroyed death and him that hath the power of death.

Hail Mary
Mother of our Lord
Our Holy Mother
Our Trust.

Bro Ayotunde Paul