The Good Tidings Of Christmas

Two millennia ago, before the birth of Jesus Christ, the whole world was under great affliction, being dominated by Satan, suffering and groaning in pain. At that time, the cries of the creatures got to the peak and attracted God’s compassion.

There was a sitting in heaven chaired by God, and the holy ones came to a consensus; there and then God took the heroic decision to send His son into the world in human form to save humanity.

Although there is no gospel record or historical reference to the date of the birth of Jesus, some evidence suggests that his birth may have occurred in the spring, as it would be difficult for shepherds to be herding out there in the middle of winter.

 In the early years of Christianity, only Easter was celebrated; the birth of Jesus was not celebrated. However, in the fourth century, church officials then decided to institute a day to mark the birth of Jesus.

In 350 AD, Pope Julius the first chose December 25 as the date of His birth and the faith of Celestial Church of Christ through the Holy Spirit gave the time Jesus was born as 12:00AM midnight – CCC hymn 854.

Christmas celebration commends the love and pity God has on the world in sending his beloved son to us, to save us from the ruler-ship and bondage of darkness into eternal freedom in Light.

Christmas brings a lot of happiness and peace to all in the spirit of the season. It renews the hope of true liberty in man as the joy of a new birth. It brings love, peace and a hope for redemption. 

More so, the celebration of Christmas is a reminder to GOD of His decision to love and reconcile with man.

In the same vein, as God has extended His love to us, we ought to show love to one another, reconciling and gifting.

During this time we ought to tidy up our hearts and make room for the Lord, preparing our hearts to meet the gentle baby Jesus.

The immaculate heart of Mary was prepared for God, and she had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Also, the bible recorded that while the shepherds watched their flocks by night, watching and waiting, the angels brought the good tidings to them.

Therefore the readiness of our hearts and minds is paramount at this time to receive the good tidings of Christmas.

Temidayo Orimogunje