Steps To Take On Arrival At Imeko Celestial City

Imeko convocation was instructed by God and Papa didn’t mince words about this annual gathering from the days when it was organized at the seaside in Ajashe.

 When the Spirit led him to observe it at Imeko.Papa prepared for it and miracles were birthed as many would recount testimonies thereafter. 

Our spiritual father, bro. Samuel Ademola Bolaji (Babanibaba) taught us steps to take when we embark on this spiritual journey, chief among it is our preparedness, in our hearts.

He said when we get to Imeko, we should go to Papa’s sepulcher first, Papa remains the Chief Host for all pilgrims who have come to see Jesus. 

At the sepulcher, you mention your arrival, registering your spiritual and physical  presence for the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ even as you pay him obeisance (Papa is not dead but translated hence he encouraged us to visit his sepulcher for anything we desire), 

Then you leave there for the Holy land( what looks like the Mercy land in our respective parishes). You register your arrival and briefly mention your desires. 

When you finish this, you return to the sepulcher to tell Papa to remind his Master Jesus about your desires. 

When this is completed, you can go about all other things you want to do at Imeko but it doesn’t mean you can’t visit either of these places again for prayers. 


  1. You will do full worship at the Holy Land (Ile Mimo) and one Olorun (worship) when you return to the sepulcher the second time. 
  2. You will light the candle you brought to Imeko at the Holy Land after you have finished your worship and prayers so that it will be recorded/registered. (The candle burnt symbolizes the sacrifice of sin – Ebo ese) 
  3. After that you take a new candle for the whole journey  to begin the prayers of your needs as you remember or your new year resolutions, you will take this candle home and lit after the whole Imeko pilgrimage.
  4. You must keep (remain) 1 candle till next Imeko pilgrimage which you will bring to Imeko for the next  convocation. That is the candle you will light as you get to Holy land.
  5. No material from the previous year should remain till another Imeko year.

Do have a happy 35th convocation without a bodily presence of our Papa SBJ Oshoffa.


Bro Seyi Kolawole