Based on the sermon given by brother Samuel Ademola Bolaji; the year 2022 has been said to be one of the best years but full of challenges, and what this simply entails is; you understanding the game. There are three things about this month February:
1. Whosoever is not wise this month will be dealt with.
2. This is the Month of separation, the month of God answering man however He wants to answer.
3.  It is a month of good victories, in which if you take advantage of, you can attain heights that you could never have attained ordinarily. 
To deal with issues in this month, you must know the truth of the story, you must know the background. If you want God to work for you, and for this month to produce that awkward miracle, you must get the background information. If not, you may likely lose in this month.
What you say you know, know it right.
Whatever you say you know, know it both in content and in context. Prayers do not work alone when your attitude cannot portray what you are praying for. Work out your prayers by your attitude.
This is the month where you want to silence all your enemies. If you cannot silence them this month, you will continue to play with them till next year. Do everything this month to perpetually silence your enemies but for you to do that you must get the background information.
Christians at this time will cry, a lot of christians will forsake God shortly, although originally they don’t have God. Things that will happen shortly, will make the whole world shake. 
Evil will fall on all nations. The one in Nigeria will be caused by Nigeria, the one in the world is caused by God. You will see disasters shortly; but Celestial Church will regain its strength and only His sons shall be delivered.


Sermon by: Samuel Ademola Bolaji

Written by: Temidayo Orimogunje