holy mary poems

Be It Unto Me According To Thy Word

Holy Mary, a Virgin
bethrothed, even to Joseph

Holy Mary, a sign of God,
even unto King Shaz

Holy Mary, a Virgin with child, even as Angel Gabriel
has said

Holy Mary, behold the
handmaiden of the Lord!

Poem Recited by
Sis Maria Adekanmbi
Age: 7 years old
Parish: CCC Elephant and Castle Parish

Written by: Sis Maria Adekanmbi & Bro Adegboyega Adekanmbi

Edited & Arranged by
Bro Adegboyega Adekanmbi



Mary is our beautiful mother
Her heart is like no other
Her son is Jesus Christ
And He died for our sins

Mary sweet peace and dearest consolation
That brings joy unto our souls

Mary has love for all of us
And we love her too
God love her and God loves us too

We are all sisters and brothers
Because Mary is our mother

Poem Recited By:
Sis Oluwatofunmi Oderinde.

Age: 10 years.

Parish: CCC New Jerusalem parish, Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria.

Written by Irish American Mom.

Edited and Arranged by: Abiodun Oderinde.


A mother

A mother of pure love,
watching over us with the angels up above.
Oh Mother of pure mercy and grace,
We’re humbled by the gentleness on your face.

Blessed are you among women,
you’re the savior of every human.
Mother of Jesus Christ the King,
our joyous hearts to you we sing.

Your divine love and light,
your unconditional love for everyone shines so bright.
it resonates timeless shelter,
comfort and peace to all of us sinners.

Embraced by your welcoming hands,
your untiring forgiveness is a shining radiance.
An immaculate kindness that blossoms sweet-scented fragrance,
Bringing hope and eternal salvation to all humans.

Oh Blessed Virgin Mary,
Pray for the sick, the dying, the lonely.
Let your fervent compassion and goodness be a shining example,
true love and care to our brothers and sisters we’ll forever kindle.

Virgin Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
Guide us with your light so we can be with God in heaven forever.
Please save us from hell’s burning fire,
Bring us now closer to your heart’s desire.

Oh Virgin Mary, clothed with love and affection
beautiful eyes that loved every child of every generation
enlighten us with your strength and wisdom
Bless and grant redemption to everyone.

Let your blessings and sweet love continue to pour,
to everyone in the world, the weary, the troubled and the poor.
Set us free from worry & pain as we rely on your healing power,
help us overcome sins & temptations, we now surrender.

and in times of adversary,
may we not forget to pray the holy rosary
and have faith in the great union of trinity
Forever we triumphantly praise your name in glory.

Poem Recited by Sis Deborah oladunjoye

Age :10yrs.

CCC Canaanland parish.

Written by: jetty 81.

Poem arranged by: Deborah Oladunjoye


Holy Mary, a mother given to the Church

At the feet of the Cross, Mary looked,
At the feet of the Cross, John behold,
On the Cross, Jesus perceived,

In pain, Jesus spoke!
In anguish, Mary hearken!
In bitterness, John accepted!

“Woman! Behold thy Son! Son, behold thy Mother!”

Pain became Victory
Anguish into Relief
Bitterness to Joy!

Holy Mary, a mother to the Church!

Poem Recited by
Sis Ayokunmi Akinbileje

Age – 12yrs old

Parish – CCC Washington Luli Parish MD USA.

Written by
Sis Bolanle Adekanmbi

Poem Edited & Arranged by:
Sis Bolanle Adekanmbi



Until buffaloes began battling for birthright
And vultures lurking privily for carcass to feed on
The playground become battlegrounds
And both sexes see each other as adversaries
Shall the cruel live forever?
Make your reasons known to me
Do not compel me to have them at heart
For I have a will of mine
Why tag me a weaker sex when all lives exist through me?
Why do I need to be inferior and hold his values dear?
All opinions locked in the cell of my thoughts
Having the will of another ruling me
Yes, the battle line is drawn
The stage is set for royal rumble
Alas! machineries destroyed, strategies void
Hail Mary the immaculate conception
Appearance of whom decimated the enemy
Wearing the crown of twelve stars
Cloth with glorious shinning of the sun
Treading upon the great dragon
Victory ascertained
Who shielded us from being captive
In Mary find we our place daughter’s of zion
Holy Mary sign of our fruithfulness and multiplication
Hmmmm….. nothing good taste as sure victory

Poem Recited by:

Age: 7YRS



Edited and Arranged by: PRO. MICHAEL OLUFADE