Enlightening Children About The Passion Week

The Passion Week (or the Holy Week) is observed annually by the Celestial Church of Christ. This week marks the suffering of Jesus, who was betrayed by one of his disciples, captured by the Jews, delivered to the Romans; who flogged him, and eventually crucified him on a cross. He died, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day.

This period is observed in many Christian denominations by fasting and praying for 40 days. However, in C.C.C, we only fast for six days (Monday to Saturday) to be remorseful for our own sins during this week. It is a week of repentance and conversion for Celestials.

In order to prepare the children for this important week, the parents should be actively involved in teaching their children about the significance of the week (Deuteronomy 11:18 – 19, Joshua 4:20 – 24).

During this week, the children should be made to understand who Jesus actually is, and His purpose on earth.

In this week, the children should be served with slightly reduced regular meals. They should be taken to the church premises to observe the service marking the breaking of the fast each day during the passion week, and even to the National Headquarters Church, Makoko, on Good Friday, if there be such an opportunity.

As they participate in these, it will begin to register in their consciousness the significance of the death and resurrection of Christ, and most of them that are smart will begin to ask questions, and if they don’t, it gives an opportunity to start a topic on the essence of the week.

Make them understand the Celestial way of observing the passion week, and how it is different from the way of other denominations.

Show them how forgiveness is received by saying the truth at all times, even when you have done something really bad.

It is also the time to teach them songs that relate to the season. This gives them a sense of attachment to the season when they remember the songs.

Bro Paul Irefin