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Key To A Productive 2022

Based on the sermon given by brother Samuel Ademola Bolaji; the year 2022 has been said to be one of the best years but full of challenges, and what this simply entails is; you understanding the game.
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Celebrating Papa Samuel Bilehou Oschoffa's Legacy: A Call For Self-Examination

This piece is not about Papa, but it is written for us to reflect on how we are filling the shoes he left behind.
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holy mary poems by children

Presentation by the children in honour of Holy Mary our Mother.
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the seed of the woman: a mystery of man's restoration

The first man Adam was given to have dominion and to rule over the earth and all that was in the earth. A honour envied by the devil who beguiled Adam's wife to dethrone him.
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enlightening children about the passion week

Teaching children songs about the Passion Week gives them a sense of attachment to the season when they remember the songs.
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why you pay firstfruits and tithes

Tithing gives the blessings of heaven and earth to those who pay it, but the payment of firstfruits sanctify your lot throughout the year.
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Monthly Watch night Service in Celestial Church

Going to Watchnight Service unprepared is tantamount to losing out in the month. In this service, God Himself, is present in the fullness of His glory; to go ahead of you in the new month.
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the good tidings of christmas

O come let us adore Him.
The readiness of our hearts and minds is paramount at this time, to receive the good tidings of Christmas.
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Imeko Annual Convocation

'Imeko Celestial City' is our Jerusalem, a place where prayers are answered and where grace abounds. A place where we will meet our Christ.
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Steps to take on arrival at imeko celestial city

When we get to Imeko, the Celestial City, we should go to Papa's Sepulchre first. Papa remains the Chief Host for all pilgrims who have come to see Jesus.
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