Rebirth Of The Group

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the advent of Bro. Ademola, a brand new era was birthed where the name of the group “Greater Tomorrow Forum” was changed to “Greater Tomorrow Group”. However, the Greater Tomorrow Group we are celebrating today started in 1995 with the emergence of Bro. Ademola Imoleayomitan Samuel who God used in bringing the group to the knowledge of God and a vivid understanding of the church’s tenet and doctrine. Moreover the group became spiritually conscious through the teachings and the weekly vigils as the spirit directs Bro. Ademola Samuel.

The Group’s first Vigil was held on a Friday at C.C.C Olajuwon Tejuosho parish, Mercy Land, with the following people in attendance.

Bro. Ademola I Samuel
Bro. OlaniyiAwodumila
C/E. TheophilusAchuba
Bro. Peter Adegor
Bro. Timothy Adeniyi
Bro. Jacob Osadede
Bro. Josiah Osadebe.

At the Vigil, a great miracle occurred whereby a candlestick turned three during prayer session. However, the weekly vigil grew from strength to strength and many signs and wonders were recorded by the group. It was through this vigil that the “undiluted” words of God were taught and the principles, tenets, doctrine, law, and ordinances of the church were not compromised.

Consequently, within a period of six months, the vigil had increased greatly in number and some youth from other parishes were in attendance. They all came to confirm the saying that can any good thing come out of Nazareth…?

In February 1996, the group held a general baptism for all her members conducted by the then Asst. Shepherd of C.C.C Olajuwon Tejuosho Parish, S/E Onadeko and on May 18th 1996, a dedication service was held in Tejuosho parish by Rev A.A Bada represented by the then Shepherd-In- Charge C.C.C Tejuosho parish and District Head Surulere/Ijeshatedo district, S/E G.O Jesse while L/S/P Edith Oshoffa Adewusi graced the occasion.

The group GTG was later divided into three sub-groups namely S,B and J with colour pink, blue and yellow respectively. Badges were also made to identify each of the groups. The group’s anthem and motto were also composed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]